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        At Eastern Health, the well-being of our patients, residents and clients is our top priority. We offer a full continuum of health and community services and unique provincial programs and services to ensure we are providing high quality, safe, accessible and sustainable health care.


        COVID-19 Vaccine

        COVID-19 vaccination clinics are open to all eligible residents including children 5 years and older; and are also available from pharmacies and family physicians.

        Additional appointments are made available as soon as capacity increases. Please be patient and check back frequently.

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        COVID-19 Information

        Learn more about what Eastern Health is doing to respond to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, including protocols and guidelines in place at hospitals and health-care facilities throughout the region.

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        IT Systems Outage

        In October 2021, a cyber incident impacted critical IT systems supporting health-care providers across Newfoundland and Labrador.

        Through the course of the ongoing investigation and review, it was determined that some personal information and personal health information was taken from IT systems used by Eastern Health by an unauthorized party.

        Information about free credit monitoring and identity theft services.

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        IT Systems Outage